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July 17, 2007

So after posting last week about the intense heat and how air conditioning is such a big part of our lives these days....we are now without air conditioning. It started yesterday when I came home from the hospital. We were at the hospital because Camille had a serious allergic reaction but we're not sure of the cause. She's got some other possible food allergies so this just adds to my concern and also the feeling that I brought this on her. Because when we were living in Japan I was always struck by the huge number of American kids with serious food allergies especially compared with the Japanese kids. Which stupidly gave me some relief because our daughter is Asian and therefore wouldn't be as prone to all those problems. Obviously my faulty logic was justly noted by the cosmic forces and it seems that we are now becoming one of those families with food issues. Anyone out there have experience with allergy testing for toddlers? or advice?

Getting back to the source of our current discomfort....when we got home I discovered that our air conditioner had water gushing from it which was quickly filling up a corner of our garage. We contacted our home warranty people who said someone would be there in an hour. When it got to be 10pm we realized they had lied. But luckily we had some relief from the heat because of the daily afternoon storms. It was actually very nice to sit in our living room with all of the windows open listening to the sounds of a summer night. Sleeping without air conditioning was tolerable thanks to ceiling fans. But right now in the middle of the day it is not fun. The kids and I are cranky but hanging out in the heat hoping someone will come and fix it. Despite our frequent phone calls it seems that all of the air conditioning people are busy and there is only a slim chance we will be seen today.
Anonymous said...

Food allergies are no fun. When we suspected Sheridan was allergic to peanuts at about 16 months, they did a skin test for that specific allergen. We were told that the blood test works best if they are 5 and up. Things may have changed since then.

The Morrows said...

Which foods? My son was allergic to casein (milk protein) and gluten for his first five years - there wasn't much the poor kid could eat without having a reaction. He wound up at a pediatric GI for his diagnosis. It's rough - I had to completely change the way I cook and eating out was just not possible because of it. Good news - at 8 yrs. old he's pretty much grown out of it. If you're dealing with either one of those, feel free to contact me.

Zoe's mom - Adopting Taiwan

alli said...

lucia - there is a blood test now. my nephew is 14 months old and they did the blood test on him at 12 months. they were able to determine food allergies AND other environmental allergies. i would say well worth it to do the blood test and KNOW.

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