Highs and Lows

December 3, 2018

 Living on an airbase means we see and hear planes on a very regular basis, but in the past two weeks looking towards the sky has taken on even more meaning. After our little community was suddenly sent reeling into grief, we worked together to hold a beautiful memorial, reached out in support, leaned together, cried together, and did it all again a few days later. And yet, during a period of time so heavy with loss, we experienced some of the most beautiful weather we have had all year round: bright blue skies with soothing sunshine during the day and crisp nights which drew us around fire pits seeking warmth and company. In between the memorials, there was a homecoming and we looked to the skies to see pilots flying home in dramatic formations before landing and sweeping their children into their arms. Highs and lows of incredible intensity. Sorrow, celebration, and tight hugs all intertwined into one blurry chunk of time. 

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