Sunday Morning Tickets

July 15, 2007

My plans for a quiet, lazy Sunday morning did not happen. Well the first part did....Adam got up early with the kids and made pancakes which meant I was able to sleep late (such a luxury these days). And then Adam took Noah swimming while Camille and I hung out together. My only goal of the morning was to book airline tickets. While trying to do that on-line, Camille dug my keys out of my purse and pushed the panic button for our alarm sytem. I quickly shut it off and didn't think anything about it.

I then returned to the ticket booking which got more complicated so I had to call the airline directly which resulted in shouting at that dumb automated voice system. You know the one. The one with the robotic female voice who is extra patient, but seems to be hard of hearing because I have to repeat everything multiple times and then listen to her patiently and somewhat condescendingly repeat it back to me. While doing that song and dance routine, the doorbell rang. I ignored it because 1) I wanted to finish up the ticket business, 2) I was still in my pajamas (yes, I know it was 11am), and 3)I wasn't expecting anyone (except for those door to door religious folk who seem to love visiting our Jewish home).

The door bell rang again. So I peeked out the front window and was shocked to see several policemen looking in our bushes around the house. I quickly opened the door to discover they thought I was having a serious problem because of the earlier panic call through the alarm (which I already forgotten about). I was feeling pretty embarassed at that moment...disheveled housewife in ratty pajamas, screaming toddler in the background, and I am sure they overhead my shouted "conversation" with the robotic phone lady. By the time it all got sorted out and they issued a false alarm warning "ticket". I returned to the now dreaded ticket process only to discover there were only two seats left on the flight I wanted and the price had gone up $100 per ticket in the thirty minutes I spent dealing with the false alarm situation. UGH!!!!
Anonymous said...

There's a publication waiting to pay you money for that story!

Could totally feel the frustration and the decision NOT to open the door.

That would have resulted in tears or feet-stomping for me.

Anonymous said...

Um, this site is totally for me in Japanese so I'm doing my best to read but I'm lacking Kanji to make sense of this comment system.

Anyway, I am the anonymous above. I am Meredith. Gomene.

Tisra said...

I'm thinking of you and your family, hoping that earthquake damage is no where near you.

adopting from Taiwan, waiting for referral

Sherry said...

OMG! Thats one of those days you just want to crawl back in bed... Im sending "Better-Day-Vibes" your way:)

Jessica said...

Oh I can so see all that happening! And I would have done the same thing--tried to ignore the door. So much for relaxing. Hopefully the false alram ticket didn't cost you anything. Did you manage to get your airline tickets? Where are you guys going NOW?

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Go back to bed and start that day all over again. I never thought about the panic button. Sawyer is always grabbing my keys and setting that button off.

Hope you at least got the tickets!


Tisra said...

Silly me. I was just going off of the profile info that is on the blog. However, I now seem to remember some yahoo group messages regarding a move to the states. Glad you're safe, regardless. ;-)

adopting from Taiwan, waiting for referral

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