Powdered sugar on warm beignets. Dim sum carts on a Sunday morning. Bagels, lox, and capers. Taro root bubble tea. Boiled crawfish dumped onto a table covered with newspaper and surrounded by family. Jet lagged and eating from food carts at 1am in Taipei. Matzo-ball soup for whatever ails you. Gumbo for comfort on winter day. Passover Seders with family,friends, and strangers. Pickled okra. Pachino tomatoes in Sicily. Okonomiyaki in Japan. Louisiana snowballs and Cajun music.

Travel, eat, read, write, eat, do yoga, garden, travel, take photos, tell stories, dance in the kitchen, walk the dog, eat, and listen to stories. Move every few years and do it all again in a new corner of the world. We have lived in Louisiana, Washington, Okinawa (Japan), Florida,Sicily (Italy), Maryland, and are preparing to return to Japan this summer. 

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