Happy Birthday, Adam!

July 30, 2007

Today is Adam's birthday! Happy Birthday to the best husband/daddy/friend in the whole wide world! May this next year be full of success, more soccer, easy "call" nights, and more amazing family adventures! We love you very much!

Noah was very excited to make cupcakes for his daddy and ended up sampling way to many of them during the decorating stage. Sorry I didn't get any photos of the birthday boy on his birthday (we forgot to bring the camera when we went out eat). I forgot how exciting birthdays are for preschoolers...Noah has been counting down until Adam's birthday for quite awhile and already starting to make plans for Camille's birthday in November!
The Solley Six said...

hi! i just caught up on your blog and we did the same slash thing to list all the greatness about our hubbies! great minds think alike!
you guys are all so special (not in a ralphy from the simpsons sort of way).

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