Tie-Dye Family Style

July 1, 2007

My cousins and I made tie-dye shirts for everyone at the beach this year. It was a lot of mess, a lot of fun, and full of suprises. The best one was the Mickey Mouse tie-dye design that came out perfectly.
Towards the end of the week we all gathered on the beach for a big group photo followed by some fun in the water.

The Solley Six said...

where are you? i know it's been WAY too long since we've seen you because i can't even recognize you in any of these pictures?!!! Though I see your mom and a resemblance in her siblings...so adorable!

shelley said...

We are sooo making tie dyed shirts!!! What a great activity for the family. All yor pictures are great. Thanks for reminding us what's important.


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