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July 4, 2007

How do you remove ball point pen writing from a computer screen? I discovered this artistic creation on the screen this morning. Any suggestions?

Why aren't there more drive-through windows for family use? I would pay extra just to use a drive through window for the post office. I always put off mailing things because I dread standing in line with my monkeys. Actually "standing in line" isn't the correct terminology since Camille doesn't just stand anywhere these days. She's climbing, jumping, and running any chance she gets. And Noah enjoys teaching her new tricks like how to swing on the ropes that create the endless lines at the post office. If there can't be a drive-up window, why can't there be a short line or special waiting area for frazzled mothers and restless children? I know it would make everyone much happier.

And is it really bad to give your children goldfish crackers three times a day in place of traditional meals (surely there are some omega oils in those bright orange creatures,right?)? Since returning from our travels I have not made it to the grocery store yet...another place that would be nice to have a drive-up window for those emergency runs for milk, bread and toilet paper. I think I have gotten much lazier since becoming a mother.....always trying to think of ways to make outings easier or ways to make our food supplies last longer to delay a trip to the grocery store. So rest assured we did not have goldfish crackers for dinner tonight. No, we had pancakes, chicken, and the last of the frozen peas.
Anonymous said...

so glad to know that i am not the only mother with these thoughts. i swear it is like you are in my brain some times transcribing all the things i am thinking and feeling. love the recently posted pics and family memories-BEAUTIFUL!love, jill

Jen said...

Ooooo....a drive-thru grocery store (heaven!) maybe we can create a chain of "Mama's 'Mergency Grocery stores" I agree with Jill, you're in my head today...I sometimes (ok, usually) plan my day around the fewest transitions in and out of the car seat! Glad to see you all are doing well.

Jessica said...

Hum, perhaps an entire drive through mall--One road that goes by grocery, post office, and Target windows... We can all dream.

Anonymous said...

They make these neat wipes especially for computer screens. We too have had a need for them. Unfortunately, they are not at a drive thru anywhere. Try Staples/Office Max type place. I LOVE the drive thru post office idea. Maybe we can come up with a business to do that!


shelley said...

Goldfish crackers....flour(bread group), etc...I think they sound very healthy. I loved the menu for dinner, so diverse.

Tisra said...

You may have worked out your pen/ computer problem already but I suggest you call the computer manufacturer. My husband's laptop was colored all over with a Sharpie (permanent marker) by our two year old "artist" and Dell had a lovely suggestion that worked (for Sharpie on the laptop screen, it was rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip, applied *gently*). Best of luck. I feel your pain. :-)

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