We're headed to Florida!

March 28, 2006

It's official...the Navy is sending us to Jacksonville, Florida. It looks like we will be moving in August. Adam will be one of the teaching staff physicians for the Navy's largest family medicine residency. He is excited about the job and we are all excited about being closer to family and friends in the States. We have never been to Jacksonville before, but have heard that it is a great spot for families and within easy driving distance to Orlando and Savannah. We are eager to explore the area's beaches, parks, museums, and other fun family activities.

The hard part will be leaving Okinawa. Okinawa has been such a special place for us. Our little family has grown here and we have had some amazing adventures during our time in Asia. We will miss this beautiful island paradise, the delicious food, the stunning beaches, and most of all our wonderful friends. Hopefully, we will be able to return to Okinawa at some point in the future.

We hope that many of you will be able to visit us in Jacksonville!

Nana's Visit

We had a GREAT time with Nana on her recent visit (her 4th visit to Okinawa!). It meant so much to all of us to share this special time with her and we are so glad she was able to meet Camille...we just wish Poobah could have been here to share in all of the fun. Noah and Nana had a good time playing trains, making Jello, reading books, and singing lots of funny songs. Camille and Nana spent their time together giggling, chatting up a storm, and getting to know each other. Nana knitted some beautiful sweaters for Camille and even a matching mommy sweater for me. Our time together made all of us realize how wonderful it will be to spend more time together once we return to the States this summer. Thank you for visiting us, Nana!

Where did March go?

March 26, 2006

It feels like we have been in a strange time warp since coming back from Taiwan. Some days it feels like time has slowed down for us and our focus is on just enjoying the kids....lying on the floor watching Camille kick her legs and giggle when Noah tickles her. Other days it feels like time is flying by...I am suprised to notice that Noah looks taller and older, that Camille is is suddenly rolling, and that sadly our time on Okinawa is going to come to an end this summer. I have not mastered the art of getting out and about with two kids in tow. It amazes me to watch parents of two or more go shopping, running errands, and even going to the park without losing track of a child or losing their mind! There have been some days when I have felt a little stir crazy at home all day in this child-induced hibernation, but overall I have really been enjoying this time with Camille and Noah. It is hard to believe that Camille has been with us for over a month...it feels like she has always been a part of our family. This time last year we were submitting all of the paperwork to Taiwan to begin our wait for a referral.

At the begining of March, our synagogue's Rosh Chodesh group had a welcome shower for Camille. We all enjoyed a very memorable day at the beautiful Hoffman home. Thank you to Betty, Gil, and Liz for hosting the event!. Camille received some beautiful pieces of fabric for her 100 Wishes Quilt and some very thoughtful gifts. During March we continued to have some great visits from friends stopping by to meet Camille for the first time (and also to spoil us with delicious meals!) Camille charmed everyone with her bright smile and we were touched by how many people have joined us in celebrating her "arrival" in our family.

The weather this month has been very strange and temperamental...sunny and warm one day turning to cold, rainy and windy the next. This means we rush outside as soon as it is sunny and greet all of the neighbors and their children who are doing the same thing. But on rainy days my work is a little more challenging...keeping a very active boy occupied. We have built a lot of intricate railroad track patterns, done puppet shows, made drawings, danced, and watched movies from the library (Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh were big hits). All of this rain has prompted me to start dreaming about having a house next year with an attached garage..what a luxury when having to load and unload two munchkins, groceries, and library books. I hope April has more sunny days.

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