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October 30, 2011

Calling all fellow nature nuts, leaf gatherers, rock hounds, and acorn collectors! Please join us as we take part in a Nature Exchange being hosted by The Magnifying Glass. This is a fun way to share interesting bits and pieces from your part of the world with others in another region. Be sure to read this important post about carefully selecting what gets sent and be sure to photograph what you send and receive. Sign up by November 2nd and Happy Gathering!

Prague's Tower of Books

October 12, 2011

Created by Slovakian artist, Matej Kren 
Isn't it wonderful?


October 10, 2011

I have a reputation in my mom's family as a quitter when it comes to games and it's somewhat true. I don't like long, drawn out games like Monopoly and I can only occasionally finish my family's favorite card game, Rummy Roulette without falling asleep at the table. I guess I get bored too easily (and yes, I admit it, I hate to lose). I like quick, to-the-point games with the thrilling possibility of a sudden win. What it boils down to is that I like games made for 8 year olds.
In the past year or two we have officially left Candyland in the dust (wahoo!) and moved into a new stage of gaming. I actually look forward to playing games with my children now. Probably bad to admit this but Chutes and Ladders felt a bit like an endurance task. The transition started with UNO. Noah loved it and Camille quickly picked it up so we played it a lot until that got a bit tedious for all of us and we broadened our gaming horizons. It is so nice to have entered a stage where we can all play games together regardless of age, reading levels, math skills, and all honestly enjoy it.  
The latest gaming craze in our house is Chickenfoot. It's a dominoes game that I learned to play while working at Rainbow Trout Ranch. The game was invented and actually made down the road at the little store in Antonito, Colorado. I have such fond memories of munching on Dorritoes,sipping red Kool Aid, and playing Chickenfoot at the Ranch. In fact one of the nicest surprises I ever got was our beautiful little set of Chickenfoot dominoes. My friend, Summer, who also worked on the Ranch with me sent them to me when I was pregnant and on bed rest. Funny how time flies by and now I get to watch my own kids get a kick out of Chickenfoot. Good for math skills, good for siblings, and most importantly just good old fashioned fun. So in addition to Chickenfoot, here are a few of the other games we have been enjoying as a family: 

Blink, Rummikub, Mastermind, Guess Who, Rook, Izzi, Rush Hour, River Crossing (these last three are good for both individual and collaborative play)

What's popular in your house these days? Would love some ideas for upcoming holiday gifts And speaking of new games, Adam has just returned from the States and brought back one involving small plastic to give that a try. Happy Gaming!


October 9, 2011

That third year of the military wife cycle has officially kicked into high gear but with a new twist. We have lots of decisions to make in the very near future about our future. We are at an important crossroads in Adam's career...stay in the Navy or get out. It's a spot that seemed so far off in the future. A "down the road" place that has now suddenly jumped right in front of us. In the past year, our conversations about the future have intensified. We have made lists. Lots of pros and cons. We have sought advice from family members and friends. We have tried to research and gather as much information as possible to make the best decision for our family. I had hoped that analyzing every possible angle would result in the perfect answer and yet it has only added to the weight of it all.

And now we are at the most intense period of limbo: waiting. Waiting to hear about recent interviews, waiting to see what our options will be, waiting, more waiting and really just wanting to know what the next step will be for us. This waiting stage has always been a part of our three year cycles. I used to think that the next time around things would be easier, but after nearly twelve years as a military spouse, I have come to accept that  similar to moving, it's always anxiety provoking.

Prague View

October 5, 2011

Red roof tops, spires,twisty little streets, and towers for bells and clocks and many beautiful views, but this one from the top of the Powder Tower was my favorite. 

We spent last week in Prague and I am now sorting though lots of pics and memories. Stay tuned for more.

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