A New Year

January 1, 2018

Iwakuni, Japan

Full moon on the first evening of the new year. Chilly, exhilarating, and filled with hope. 

2017 was a year of change, impatience, strength, illness, thrills, and adaptation. I don't have a resolution or a specific mantra for this new year and that feels alright. Driving home from our visit to the local Shinto Shrine last night, we didn't expect to see this view of the big moon rising over Iwakuni, but there it was. We parked, hopped out of the van, let Hugo run around like a crazy pup, and savored the loveliness in front of us. I want more of that in this new year: the beauty, the joy, and the spontaneity.  

Hanukkah 2017

December 19, 2017

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Emma and Camille

December 8, 2017

Throughout our time together in Kyoto, people kept assuming that Emma and Camille were sisters. We would always laugh and try to explain the relationship, but in some ways it would have just been easier to nod our heads and say "yes, sisters" and in some ways it would have been the truth. They are Jewish "sisters", Asian "sisters", adopted "sisters", and giggly, goofy "sisters".

It's funny how people come into our lives especially when it happens in a dressing room at Banana Republic in Georgetown. That's where we met Emma several years ago and from that point on she quickly became a special part of our family. She was a graduate student who had recently moved to the DC area and was working retail on the weekends. In between helping Adam find some new khakis, she noticed Camille's Star of David necklace which led to other connections and a meet-up during the High Holidays. We discovered that we shared a love of dim sum, hamantaschen, board games, puns,musicals, and traveling. 

Over the years we have done our best to live in culturally diverse areas, we have been active in local adoption groups, attended culture camps, enrolled Camille in Mandarin lessons, participated in classes and panel discussions, sought out mentors and friends with connections to Taiwan, taken Taiwanese cooking classes, read lots and lots of books. All of these things have been good in their own ways, but this relationship with Emma has been one of the most meaningful things that has happened to our family.

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