Constructing Gratitude

July 18, 2007

My last whiny housewife post made me realize I should be more thankful. Our recent episode without air conditiong has made me very grateful for all those folks who work outside in the sweltering heat every day...the construction workers, road crews, landscapers, farmers, the Marines in the desert, roofers, ground crews at airports, and any others I may be overlooking. How do they do it?

And while on the topic of outdoor workers here is a link to one of my favorite aspects of Japanese culture: construction worker's outfit. Take note of the shoes and billowy pants. And also a plug to this wonderful site/blog "Okinawa Hai" created by a group of great mamas still living in Okinawa. I wish this had been going while we were there. It is an amazing resource for those getting ready to move there and for those still enjoying the island life!

And still in keeping with the construction theme. I recently came across this photo of my favorite little construction guy...I think he had just turned one. There was a lot of construction in our little Japanese neighborhood which Noah loved to watch. We were able to climb up on this vehicle one day while the workers took their break. hard to believe he was ever that little.
shelley said...

I want a Japanese construction worker here please. I love the billowing pants.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar picture! After weeks of walking by a construction site, the workers offered to let Eli take a seat.

And thanks for your kindest words.

This is Meredith. Can't read much of this site because it comes through in Japanese. Managed to post something the other day but haven't figured out how I did that.

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