Navarre Beach 2013

June 27, 2013

Beach walking, card playing (including a horribly addictive solitaire game called "One Pile"), laughing, kayaking, sweating (the air conditioning wasn't great this year), shell collecting, singing/dancing/joke telling (we had a lively show night), tie-dying (shirts, socks, and fingers), reading, hammocking, treasure hunting, and lots of family time. It was another good year at Navarre.

First Of The Season

June 13, 2013

Two nights ago: the first of the cherry tomatoes (both sungold and sweet 100). One night ago: the first fireflies of the season. Yesterday afternoon the first release of butterflies we have been raising: three pretty painted ladies. And last night: the first sighting of a brand new baby bunny. The kids promptly named him/her Bob. 

Bob is so tiny that at first I thought it was a guinea pig and that he had come to join the wildlife menagerie in our yard. In fact, it made me giggle. A large rabbit hopping circles around a guinea made me think about all of those crazy little pairs that happen when nature and nurture collide: friendships between a turtle and a hippo, a mama dog and a ferret, etc. But a second later, two itty bitty ears popped up and Bob hopped into a patch of clover. And suddenly we were all in love.

It amazes me that our little sliver of a yard in downtown Bethesda is such a hub for so many creatures. We have lots of squirrels (brown, black, and even one albino squirrel), lots of birds including a lovely cardinal couple, some early butterflies, and lots of bunnies. Lots of bunnies. As a gardener, I occasionally get annoyed with their nibbling, but in general they entertain all of us with their playful antics and their close proximity. Seriously, we nearly trip over them on a regular basis. They lounge on their bellies like puppies near the back door. They leap frog over each other in daily afternoon romp sessions. And now they have shared Bob with us who is the cutest thing we have ever seen. Lets just hope he doesn't develop a taste for tomatoes!

Franklin and Marshall College

June 11, 2013

We spent this past weekend in Lancaster, Pennyslvania where we celebrated my father-in-law's 45th reunion at Franklin and Marshall College. It's a beautiful campus with old trees, stately brick buildings, and lots of friendly students and alums. It's also set in a wonderful town. We loved getting a chance to explore Lancaster's lively Central Market and fabulous Science Factory, but most of all we enjoyed spending time with Nana, Poobah, and Cousin Brandon.

New York Creates

June 8, 2013

New York City Street Art

New Museum: enjoyed the the amazing roof views more than the works on display

Museum of Modern Art:  great gallery tour with Deborah Goldberg and Oldenburg exhibits

Rain Room: the line was too long, but we really wanted to do this.

MoMA Sculpture Garden: a nice city respite

The High Line: one of NYC's best creations. romantic to walk it at night just before closing

Blue Star Museums: saved us nearly $100 on museum entrance fees. THANK YOU.

Liz Christy Community Garden: the first guerilla garden in NYC. a thriving and inspiring oasis. 

Yums the Word: marking our calendars to do this in the future

Sarah Perlis: fabulous, friendly jewelry designer with a lovely studio space

Sing For Hope: loved seeing and hearing these pianos around the city

The Moth: after several years of devoted podcast listening, we finally made it to a story slam and we ended up being judges!!

New York Eats

June 7, 2013

Zabb City Thai: spicy meat salads combined with sweet cucumbers

Vivi Bubble Tea: a little taste of Taiwan

Little Owl: the most delicious meal of the entire trip. book a month in advance.

MoMA Cafe: Italian salad and chicken panini

Saxelby Cheese in Essex Market: the best grilled cheese sandwiches

Brooklyn Taco:  surprisingly delicious kale and potato taco

The Bell House:  Fox Barrel Pacific Pear Cider. a very fun night.

Mandoo: Korean dumplings and acorn pasta salad

Lexington Candy Shop Luncheonette: a yummy BLT, chocolate egg cream, and THE shake

New York Reads

June 6, 2013

The Strand Bookstore: 18 miles of books. Yes, 18 miles. 

 Poetry in Motion: for subway reading

The Storytelling Animal: the book Adam couldn't stop reading or talking about on our trip

New York City Grand Central Library: A grand and gracious space for bibliophiles

 The Bryant Park Reading Room: a lovely, shady, outdoor space just for readers

Word for Word: the amazing author events in Bryant Park. We met Jonathan Dee

Charlotte in New York: the pretty book we got for Camille
Our Favorite NYC Guidebook: thanks to Emee's suggestion


June 2, 2013

New York City, September 2012

 I am escaping to the Big Apple for a few days with my favorite sailor. Just the two of us. Heading up on the bus, walking the city, and holding hands. Away. Together.

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