Recycled Pumpkins

October 11, 2008

Trying to save money and be creative....we are working on a series of Halloween projects using recycled and found items. Here's the first one. Camille and I made pumpkins out of recycled cardboard containers (salt box and large cardboard peanut canister) We also experiemented with toliet paper rolls which were ok, but not as easy to wrap as the sturdier canisters. Large oatmeal containers would work well for this project.

After removing the wrapping, wind yarn around the container until it is covered. Tuck in any loose ends. Camille enjoyed the tactile tasks of ripping and wrapping.

I finished the project by hot gluing a cork for the pumpkin stem, two green pipe cleaners for the leaves, decoupaging orange tissue paper over areas not covered by yarn, and finishing with a felt face. I used my favorite cold heat cordless glue gun. Really a great more burnt fingers, good for older kids, and free to work anywhere. said...

This is super creative and FUN! I can't wait till my next Halloween Roundup so I can link to this.

Anonymous said...

that is so cute.

Kendra said...

This is cute and I love that I can have my kids help! They always want to craft with me but sometimes it's hard to let them.

CC said...

We're going to give this a try. Sorta. No yarn so my son suggested using our excess orange tissue paper.

I love that your daughter is wearing a tiara in the beginning of the project :)

holly said...

I LOVE it! I'm sad to have missed out on all these great ideas because life here was a bit crazy and I'm just now catching up. I guess you could do this same idea for other holidays... I tossed an empty salt box in the recycling bin just the other day, cringing because I was sure there was something crafty I could do with it.

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