Sunday Adventure

July 29, 2007

Today we headed to the coast and visited Amelia Island. We spent most of our time in the town of Fernandina Beach. Instead of broiling on the beach we opted to stroll the quaint streets meeting friendly locals , checking out the local book store, admiring the architecture, and daydreaming about what life would be like in a small Southern coastal town. We enjoyed meeting Felix who sells small bags of chips from the back of his bike while serenading potenial customers with his harmonica. Today's trip already has us looking forward to future trips to learn more about the island's pirate history, Fort Clinch, and the beach.
Tisra said...

You paint such a lovely picture of the town. I'm intrigued and would love to go! Of course, I get the travel bug easily and there isn't a place yet that I can say that I didn't want to go to! Each and every place, I believe, has its own jems- if not the scenery, then the people or the businesses.

shelley said...

It sounds like such a wonderful place to visit. On our recent vacation, we too, talked of what life would be like in a small village with completely different scenery and activities to do. Thanks for the travel tip.

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