Piece by Piece

August 29, 2012

National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.

Slowly, piece by piece we are building a little life here on the edge of D.C. Unpacking boxes and creating a home in a cozy, little house, building new friendships, re-newing old friendships, building walls against bullies (poor Noah started school this week and had some rough days),  piecing together new routines, and learning new routes (DC traffic isn't fun). Sorry for the significant lack of posts, but we have been busy patching it all together. It takes time and humor and friends and patience and lots of Legos. 

Last week was all about Legos. An excellent Lego robotic camp for Noah, a visit to the National Building Museum with this very cool Lego exihibit, and lots of Lego pieces scattered on floors and tables and painfully underfoot. Legos are the perfect metaphor for our current stage of life...piecing it all together, brick by brick, in a colorful hodgepodge of old and new.

What's up with you these days?

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