Post-vacation report

July 6, 2007

One of the big negatives of having two wonderful weeks of family time is returning home. Wonderful to be back in our beds, but not so great to deal with the emotional aftermath. Both my kids are reacting to the lack of non-stop attention and action. Noah is now "bored" at home and jumping off the walls missing his cousins and friends (Sydney and Zoe). Camille wanders the house looking for people to hold and feed her non-stop. She has also perfected "hitting" and hits us in the face on a regular basis. Noah told me today "I want a baby that doesn't hit. Can we get a different baby that doesn't hit?". Amazingly this is the first time he has ever made a comment like that and at that moment I could understand his sentiment...Camille had just walked up to him and hit him directly in the face with a tire pump. Ouch. Yesterday morning I had a similarily frustrating experience with her. I took her diaper off and let her have some diaper free time in the kitchen while I got breakfast ready. She took that as an opportunity to squat down directly on my purse (hand dyed, hand sewn one I got in Thailand) and pee like an angry cat. She then stood up and slipped backwards in her own urine. I hadn't been planning on bathing her or my purse before breakfast, but that is what happened. I guess I am partly to blame for letting her roam diaper free, but did she really have to pee on my bag?
shelley said...

We are having a family wedding weekend...I guess it actually started on Wed....and I already feel the effects of Claire and Hannah having too much grandparent and cousin time. BUT....I am going to put up my purses just in case. Keep your chin up, I still think we are tougher than them

Tisra said...

(I didn't have your e-mail, Lucia, but here is the info you asked about)

The link to the Gatlinburg cabin:

It was wonderful and we are planning to go at Christmas time. I don't know how long it would take for you to drive there from FL, but I'm sure Google Maps or Mapquest could estimate it for you.

adopting from Taiwan, waiting for referral

the clan mccawley said...

I can only say: "I FEEL YOUR PAIN." Being transient for 2 months (with 6 weeks to go,) certainly breeds similar behavior on the part of my 4 year old. Charley hasn't started hitting yet, but Eva's whininess, back talking and refusal to eat without drama more than makes up for it. The other thing I can say: stand firm and drink lots of wine! take care!

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Sorry about your bag, Lucia! Hope your kids get adjusted back to their normal routine soon.

Erin Ly said...

Hi Lucia!

I just caught up with your beautiful family. I hadn't visited your blog in awhile.

Loved hearing about Camille's hitting habit. Too funny! Kira is really into hitting right now. She likes to hit me in the face and then say "Uh-Oh!" Then she quickly does the "gentle" stroking of my face.

dh Dan
dd Kira Linh

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