Our first week in Jacksonville

August 31, 2006

We arrived here last weekend and it has been a whirlwind since we stepped off the plane. I only have a few minutes to write (we don't have internet access so I am using the public library computer...hooray for public libraries!).....Here are the good things about our first week in Jacksonville:

-We love our new home and neighborood
-Everyone is very friendly and helpful
-The oak trees are beautiful
-Noah loves his new school and has been adjusting well despite jet lag and culture shock (more about that later)
-The sweet tea and peaches are delicious
-It feels good to be back in the South
-Adam's new co-workers are very nice
-Camille is becoming a southern belle...charming everyone with her sweet smile and waving

Here are few things that haven't been so good:
-Our kitchen renovation won't be completed for another month....so we will extend our hotel stay and plan on moving in later than expected
-We have spent way too much time driving and sitting in traffic
-Looked like Hurricane Ernesto was going to hit us but luckily it slowed down and just turned into a few rainy days
-I am still sick and not sleeping
-The shopping options are way too overwhelming....food choices, paint choices, kitchen appliances, baby supplies...I have a headache that never seems to go away.
-and the worst part of our trip is that we got into an accident today. Our brand new minivan (four days old) was re-ended today (and it was NOT my fault). We are still trying to find a used car for Adam and will now have to deal with getting our van repaired while also finding a second car...not fun. Luckily none of us were hurt...just shaken up and missing our old junker cars in Okinawa!

Well, my time on the public library computer is about to end. I will try to check e-mail tomorrow but just wanted to post a quick update on us. Hope y'all are doing well and I'll post more when we get internet access
jill said...

so glad that the positives outweigh the negatives of week#1. also, remember it will get better. sorry to hear about your new van. glad everyone is o.k. also very glad you like your home. take a deep breath and take everything moment by moment, and day by day. praying for healing upon you and that your transition will continue to be a positive one. hang in there! remember-you are a "squirrel" and we are "fighters". go mbc women! love to all, the kissinger's
p.s. how is emee doing?and lili's recent move?

JBJC said...

Welcome back to the USA!!!! I am very happy to hear you guys are doing well..despite some major exhaustion I'm sure! The overwhelming shopping experiences will get better and I too miss our "doo-doo cruisers" back in Oki!!! Thinking of you guys always and remember..things always get better!!! Enjoy a tall glass of real sweet tea and thanks for keeping your blog updated!!!! Big hugs all around~The Farrow's

Ann said...

I am so excited that you are here. When things settle down we will have to do lunch. Sorry about the accident. Traffic kinda sucks here. email me privately when you get the time.

Rona Ann said...

Have just caught up with your recent entries and read your 'worries' chapter last of all. Aren't you glad that you've survived almost every one of them? But peace in the MIddle East is not a condition you should require for a good night's sleep! How are you all doing now, health-wise? Annie's description on the phone was not too reassuring, so we're glad you have some friends nearby. Rich has been sick with kidney stones but is all well now, so if closer relatives are unavailable and you need a nurse, I have recent experience and free time! Love, RA

The Solley Five said...

oh, i just want to send you a skype hug. i KNOW just what you're feeling. hang in there. i am STILL working on house renovations- but keep on with the kitchen...things will work out and the longer i live here the less inclined i am to work on those projects i'd considered before moving in. if you don't do it now, it's not likely to get done anytime in the near future, too much other new stuff to get into. i miss you more than you can imagine and can't wait for you to get settled and get back in touch. sorry about the van!!! LOVE from billie, jackson , sloane and us!!

Rie said...

I'm really happy to know that you're all fine, and interested in Noah's culture shock.
But anyway, just take good care of yourself! You don't have to make yourself too busy!!!

kiwintaiwan said...

hey mate, just a quick note to tell you we are thinking of you all and missing you heaps. Hugs to you all
Rhonda , Steve Josh and Jesse

the clan mccawley said...

glad to hear you're finally on solid ground, sad some things have been a bugger! I KNOW they'll even out soon & you'll totally love your new place. Kitchens are so worth the wait. Trust me, we lived without one for about 6 months once when my dad decided to renovate. The builders' house is never finished! We really miss you all here, but are so happy you're near family, that Noah loves his new school & Camille is doing super-fun baby stuff.
We'll try to catch you on the holiday trip of you are anywhere up north!
luv to all,
tiff & the clan mccawley

XAN said...

We miss you all so much!! Glad you are in the same state. ANd you sound a bit like me. Our express shipment came today. ANd although the moving Co. said it would take 4 weeks to get our shipment form CA., it arrived yesterday( less then a week) So, we have been crazy- just like you. Sydney loves school too. Zoe is waiting for a spot to open up. Hayden is still my sweet boy. Doing lots of crisung and a few steps here and there.

Tell Noah we love him and miss him. Kiss Camille for us. And call if you are bored and have a free minute. 850-375-7388.

Sorry about your car. I miss my beater too.
Love, Xan and the gang

Jessica said...

We can certainly relate to the craziness you are going through! Although we get to ease back into American life living on an island the same size as Okinawa, the same speed limits and a fraction of the population. ;) Can't wait to get a chance to chat! Let me know when things settle down enough for you to kick back and talk. :)

Love to you all from Erik, Jessica and Audrey!

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