Only 4 Days Left!

August 17, 2006

Things have improved since my last post. After being told there weren't any hotels rooms, they were able to locate one (good thing because this is the peak move season and we might have had to become squatters for our final days in Okinawa). So we are now moved into the hotel and after some frantic cleaning and painting our military house passed inspection this morning. I am still feeling "poorly" as my grandpa would say, but very relieved to have most of our "check out" completed. This morning Adam received a Navy Commendation Award for all of his hard work during his time in Okinawa. It was nice to see him finally receive some recogition. We are hoping to spend our last weekend here relaxing, recuperating, and saying good-bye to friends.
Ann said...

Whew!! I got caught up with you. Congrats to Adam on his recognition. Sometimes it seems that the Navy can be stingy in this respects. One week until you're in Jax!!!

Allen & Angela said...

So glad that they found a room for you. It must have been incredibly stressful for you until you knew for sure. Best wishes with your move.


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