Family celebration week

August 7, 2006

Last week was a week full of celebrations.....Adam's birthday, my dad's birthday, my grandmother's birthday, Hayden's birthday, Hannah Grace's birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We celebrated Adam's birthday with our neighbors. Noah (with a little help) made a delicious chocoate cake(notice the candy corn and "unique" birthday candles? trying to be resourceful with the little that remains in our house) and some wonderful drawings for his daddy. Other big family news is that my sister, Lili successfully defended her thesis and received her graduate degree from Reed College in Portland. I am very proud of her! After finishing up last week, she packed up all of their belongings, loaded up the car with my 8 month old niece and drove all the way to Louisiana. She is starting work as a middle school teacher the day after she arrives in Louisiana...I am in awe and hoping she will get a chance to catch her breath soon. And Adam's cousin, Robin found out last week that she is having a baby boy! So lots to celebrate and we can't wait to see all of you in person very soon.

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