It's Official

August 10, 2006

Everything went well with the closing and we are now officially homeowners. What a surreal and exciting experience! We can't wait to get to Jacksonville and check out our new home in person. The work on the kitchen will start in the next couple of days and will hopefully be completed by early September when we plan to move into the house . We will be leaving Okinawa on August 22nd and fly to San Francisco for a short visit with Adam's family. We will be arriving in Jacksonville on August 26th.

Here are a couple of pics of our new backyard and Noah's favorite thing about our new home....the "park"in the backyard (that's what he calls it!)
kiwintaiwan said...

we are sooooo coming to visit. Looks so great :)
Rhonda Steve Josh and Jesse

Rie said...

I'm sure your children will love to play in this 'park in the backyard'!

Ann said...

Nice yard, they're going to have so much fun. Hopefully the weather here will cool down, just a bit. It's so hot right now.

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