Sayonara to Oura Wan

August 3, 2006

One of our favorite places on Okinawa is Oura Wan Beach on the north end of the island where military families can rent cabins. The strange thing about Oura Wan is that it is located on a Marine base where Marines train at the nearby firing ranges .... never thought our family would visit a beach area near firing ranges. But the beach side of the base is a little cove with rock formations, lots shells, sea glass, beautiful sunsets and it has been an amazing and easy escape for us every couple months. We've had so many fun times there with good friends (the Tamurians, the Solleys, the Harpes,) and family members (Emee and my mom)...playing on the beach, grilling, hanging out, laughing, playing board games, hunting for shells, and just relaxing. A few weekends ago we spent our last weekend at Oura Wan with the Hess family (we missed you, Drew) with a quick visit from the Price family. It felt like our time at Oura Wan had come full circle because we ended up staying in the same cabin we stayed in for the first time three years ago. It reminded me of how much has happened to our family here on Okinawa. During our first visit to Oura Wan, Noah was just learning to walk and now he is a very grown-up three year old. At the time of our first stay, we were just starting to talk about adoption but didn't even know how, where, or when that would happen. During our last weekend at Oura Wan we were watching Camille scoot around the cabin like a little crab. Oura Wan has truly been a wonderful place for us and I was sad to leave.
Ann said...

The beach pictures are always so awesome. I just imagine the water being like bath water. I hear your sadness, but I like the full circle aspect of your thoughts. Pretty cool how your family has come full circle.

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