August 13, 2006

I haven't been sleeping well. Part of it is due to two sick children (Camille has an earache, Noah with a bad cough). Part of it is due to excitement about our new house and return to the States. But a big part of it is spent worrying. I am from a family of professional worry warts. My Ganny perfected worrying into an art and I am afraid I have inherited this family trait from her. Especially as our move looms closer the worries seem to grow. Here is a list of the crazy and not so crazy things on my mind:

- the LONG flight home with two sick children, limited carry-ons (new travel restrictions)
-will our kitchen renovation be done in time to move in, will it be what we want?
-cleaning out the refrigerator and passing our military housing check-out inspection
-not being able to change my contacts or brush my teeth on our long flight (no liquids or gels on flight) and how yucky I will feel at the end of the flight
-what last minute Japanese items can I cram into boxes to ship home...how many bottles of salad dressing? how many baby crackers will we need? more chopsticks?
-will we have nice new neighbors? how long will it take to make new friends?
-what will our first impressions be of our new home?
-what if terrorists artack our plane?
-are we ready to return to States?
- how will I not go crazy with overspending on my first trips to the grocery store and Target?
-how did my baby sister grow up so fast and is she is really starting college?!
-will Noah like his new school? will Adam be happy at work?
-when we will get to see my family?
-will things ever calm down in the Middle East?
-what color to paint the dining room?

And the list goes on...I am just ready to be out of this limbo period and feel a little more settled again.
Morena, Andy, Dominic & Christian said...

((HUGS)) to you. I remember worrying about many of the same things this time last year. But will worrying get the kitchen completed any faster? Will it make your children better? Will it make the flight go smoother? As much as possible, try to push those worries out of your mind and live in this moment. Face those challenges as they arise, for now focus on what's immediately in front of you. This, too, shall pass. Many hugs to you during this exciting yet stressful time!

sheri said...

Dear Lucia,

Limbo is all about surrender. and that is why we worry. There isn't one pickin' thing you can do for any of these. And the days are long, espcially in a sleep deprived state. You are almost there, sorry the kids are sick (!!!), and paint the dinning room a happy Japanese color.
Thinking of you.

amazing grace said...


i hope you get a restful night's sleep tonight!!!!!


Ann said...

OHHHH, you have so much going on right now and it's such a big change not only for you but for your family that has "grown" in Japan. Just take it one step at a time and things will smooth out. OH and I didn't even think about the contacts thing on the plane. OMGosh what will I do.

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