August 20, 2006

This is a busy weekend for my family. In addition to our return to the States, my baby sister is headed to college. Hard to believe that she will be a college freshman. It just seems like yesterday when she was a toddler running through the halls of Mary Baldwin College as I was moving into my dorm room and meeting my freshman roomate (what a crazy roomate she turned out to be!). Now she is making a very similar trip with my mom. Moving into her first dorm room, meeting her roommate, trying to locate the dining hall, and learning to live on her own. I am so proud of her and I know that she will do well. I hope she embraces every minute of the college experience and revels in the excitement of learning, trying new things, and making lifelong friends. I have such vivid memories of my time at Mary Baldwin and some of my closest friends were made during that exhilerating first year of college. College was truly a formative experience for me. I remember feeling such intense feelings...confidence mixed with insecurity, the thrill of accomplishments, the challenges of time management and independent living, the highs and lows of dating, the all nighters in the computer lab, heartfelt conversations, silliness, road trips, and the feeling that anything was possible. Good luck, Emee! Send us your new address and we will start sending care packages soon.
jill said...

wow! i can't believe emee is starting college either. i remember her as such a bright and curious toddler while we were at m.b.c.(remember... "emee-gummit" aka dad-gummit and "whiskey-like in the song bye,bye miss american pie?") she will do great things! please make sure we get her address and i would love to plan a trip to visit her(approx. 3 1/2 hrs from us). good luck to your mom and dad with the empty nest. however, it is so nice that lili, michael, and clementine have moved "home" close to your mom and dad.

Jessica said...

Is it some kind of rule that everyone has a crazy roommate their first year of college? ;)

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