Departing Rainbow

August 21, 2006

It is 6:30am and we are getting ready to leave Okinawa this morning. Feeling both sad and giddy. I will post photos and more about our last weekend once we arrive in San Francisco. I had hoped that we would get to see one more Okinawa sunset last night but instead it rained and we were treated to a spectatular rainbow in between showers. It seems like a pretty good symbol of our current state...sad to be leaving but excited about the future.
Ann said...

So sorry that you are sad. I'm sure Okinawa is a beautiful place. But I'm super excited that you will be here soon

the clan mccawley said...

Safe travels to you & yours. You're missed already! Hope all goes well & you're settled quick.
Mazel Tov from one mixed breed irish catholic, jewish, cajun family to another! (funny, i just realized we actually had all that in common since I'm jewish & irish catholic & my hubby is part cajun coon ass w/lots of native american thrown in on the side!)
ya'll take care now, ye hear!

Rie said...

Though I couldn't visit you while you were in Okinawa, I really feel we will never get far.
Good luck !

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