Hearing test results...third time's a charm

August 8, 2006

Good news to report....Camille had her third hearing test today and she finally passed! This is a huge relief because I was starting to worry that if she had a hearing problem it would affect her speech development. She has always been a fairly quiet baby, especially compared to Noah who seemed to babble since day one. She has recently started making more noises like trying to mimic specific sounds (ma, ba) and her "roaring" demands for food. We will do some follow up testing in Jacksonville and continue to monitor her speech development, but today's news was very reassuring.
kiwintaiwan said...

Thats awesome , Congratulations and big hugs from us all
Rhonda , Steve, Josh and Jesse (who is now eating like a trooper)

Ann said...

great news. Maybe she doesn't verbalize as much b/c Noah is an active talker...:0). See ya real soon.

Rie said...

That's very good!!!

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