Leaf Hunter

August 15, 2006

**No leaves were harmed in the making of this documentary. Beware of wild Mei-Meis (aka Camilles) coming to your area soon.
Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Camille, my mom was going to name me Camille but my dad intervened. Looking at her pictures sustained me during some very stressful times at work. Noah please know that I especially treasure the picture of you and Grandpa Morgan painting together, priceless. -Charon ieducate@verizon.net
P.S. I'm very psyched that I am posting a comment.

The Solley Five said...

if you're feeling blue just look at these leaf pictures on your blog and it's bound to make you smile. that's the cutest thing ever and leaves have become a regular part of Sloanes diet so it's even more endearing. i remember being in that spot...there's ups and downs and it will all get better. enjoy the maid service, it will all work out, it worked for us to sit me with Sloane and Bill with kids on the flight a few rows apart. i wish we were there to support you!

Ann said...

She is getting so big. I so love these pictures. Great scrapbooking pictures!!

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