Georgia Loop

August 14, 2006

Tomorrow is our last full day in our little house on Georgia Loop on Camp Foster. We had no idea when we moved onto base two years ago what a wonderful experience we would have. In some ways it felt like we had traveled back in time to the 1950's...all of the kids playing together every afternoon running from yard to yard, all of the moms gathering under the banyan trees in our front yard to chitchat, the ice cream truck making music down the street. Our street truly became a little community...bringing meals for families with new babies, swapping babysitting, celebrating birthdays and holidays together, watching our children grow, supporting each other in difficult times. Most of us arrived in Okinawa around the same time which means many of us are returning to the States this summer and others have gone back to the States for summer vacation. As the summer has progressed the houses have emptied and we are now one of the the last "original" families on the street. It is sad to be leaving this special little place. We will miss those lazy afternnoons with neighbors who turned into some of our closest friends. We are counting down and hoping we will see some of our Georgia Loop friends again soon...the Ircinks in North Carolina, the Hess in Pensacola, the Wilkersons in Virginia, and the Morzentis in DC.

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