Strawberry Freezer Jam

August 2, 2008

Ever since my first taste of strawberry freezer jam (thanks to Shanea) I have been wanting to make my own...and now seven years later I am finally doing it! It actually turned out to be a great activity with the kids. We all had fun chopping, mashing, mixing, and sampling our final product. Ours is a little chunkier than expected because we didn't have a potato masher or food processor, but it still tastes great and will be good over ice cream, waffles, toast, angel food cake, get the idea.
Shanea said...

Wow! That strawberry freezer jam must have made an impression years ago! It must have been some from Marshal's mom. She makes the best! I know Marshal misses it, because I haven't made it for years. Inspires me to make a batch for him with the kids.

Michelle said...

Yum! Would you mind posting the recipe? :)

Betsey said...

You should try raspberry freezer jam. Mmmmmm! Your bowl of berries looks awfully promising. Nothing like a little bit of berries, a whole of of sugar, pectin, and presto! Heaven.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Michelle...super easy recipe. Go to the store, pick up a pack of pectin (in the canning section), fresh berries, sugar and follow the directions on the packet.

Betsey, tell me more about the raspberries. How many would I need to get? Same as the strawberries?

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