Paint Balls and Garden Sticks

August 19, 2008

Our apartment is a little more colorful thanks to the recent addition of acrylic paint balls and garden sticks. The paint balls are from my dad. He used acrylic paint and at the end of each day he would wad up all of the leftover paint on his pan, form them into balls and dump them into buckets in his studio. Ever since I moved away from home I have kept some of those paint balls with me. They have traveled the world with me as a little pieces of home. On Sunday, we spent the day at my mom's house and Noah selected these paint balls to bring home. They are now on our kitchen table along with a vase full of freshly harvested rice.
In addition to selecting paint balls, we also used the time at my mom's house to create these colorful garden sticks. Inspired by these Canadian ones originally seen on The Crafty Crow, we decided to create our own version using bamboo and other sticks collected in the yard. We primed them (used gesso but any white paint or primer would work)and then got to work painting them (using acrylic paint...from my dad's paint box). It really was a great activity and I hope to make some more soon. I think they would make fun gifts and my mom decided to hang a couple in her kitchen where they look just as striking as the ones in our little garden.
craftymama said...

I love your garden sticks! neat how you left the little branches on, too. I like your blog and thanks for the link- Sarah
ps- the Alfie Kohn parenting book is the best!

Mom said...

I love your garden sticks! How clever and colorful they are.

Lynnie said...

I could not for the life of me figure out what those paint balls were until reading it! Those are weird! They don't fall apart?

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