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August 27, 2008

Another recipe from The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions: "Magic Muck". Noah picked the recipe because of its transformative properties (alternating between a solid and liquid state). It is really strange stuff. Noah and I played with it for a little while but Camille was the one who really loved it. She decided to use it all over her body and I am happy to report it was very easy to clean up. Wouldn't say it is my favorite stuff to make, but I really loved watching how entranced Camille was by the strange texture and patterns she created on herself. Reminded me of a book we discovered at the library a few weeks ago, "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!"...about a little girl who can't stop painting herself from head to toe. There is something so wonderful about children's natural curiosity and creativity.

Here's the recipe if anyone wants to try it out:
  1. Mix 3/4 cup cornstarch with 5-7 drops food coloring [you can skip the color]
  2. Slowly add cornstarch to 1/3 cup water and food coloring mixture. Do not stir!
  3. Let the mixture stand for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Pick up a handful of Magic Muck and squeeze it until it forms a hard ball. Open your hand and the Magic Muck will turn from a solid ball back into a liquid. (or cover your body with it like Camille and see what happens!)
Summer King said...

thanks for sharing this Lucia - it's so fun to be able to see what you guys are doing every day!

Kobi, Mijal, Jorge and Laura said...

How neat...or should I say messy, but it really looks cool and sounds amazing. The book sounded so wonderful that I ordered a copy for Robin and Oliver. Camille looks completely absorbed. When I first looked at the pictures I thought she was wearing some kind of animal skin body suit.

Mom said...

The last comment was from me. I guess Laura was using my computer before she left today.

morninglight mama said...

Thanks for reminding me of this-- as a preschool teacher, I've made this many times, but my recipe is somewhere amongst all my 'teacher boxes' in the attic, and was in much larger proportions for use in a sensory table!

holly said...

we LOVE this one. It's my 4yo's favorite "naptime" activity. she calls it "Goo" or "Magic Goo" and was thrilled with my recent addition of food coloring to the concoction. :) pink, of course.

Lynnie said...

Those are great pictures! I love seeing kids really "getting into" art! And it makes me feel better about how quickly my own daughters get covered in whatever they're doing too! I will definitely try this with them and will take your advice that shirtless is the way to go with this material!

Corinne said...

My children LOVE TO DO THIS. It makes such a fun mess :)

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