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August 25, 2008

Water, Roots, Shadows
Building with bamboo and eating popsicles in the rain
A walk in the swamp yesterday, pulling carrots from Aunt Janet's garden, feeding ducks in the park today....all outside and all so good for us. Being outside for the majority of the past few days has been the perfect antidote for crankiness, worry, boredom, consumerism, and loneliness. We all needed a good run and a good reminder that there are so many amazing things just outside the door. Finding mushrooms, chasing shadows, and building structures out of bamboo are way more thrilling than the new, desperately needed toy that barely keeps their interest on the way home from the store. Exploring together is much more fun than bickering over who gets to pick the first book for during night time reading (amazing how few sibling squabbles happen when outside...perhaps we should camp outside every night? except I don't think we would stand a chance against the mosquitoes).

I have recently checked out a ton of parenting books. I do this when I feel overwhelmed by some sort of issue. I start to feel so inadequate and ineffective that I convince myself there must be some perfect solution out there that will suddenly make things "right". But after overdosing on those reads, I always end up pushing them aside, taking a deep breath, and jumping back into parenting with gusto. And getting muddy and sweaty with my kids in the past two days has been the best "solution" and reminder that they are good kids, that I am a good enough mama, and that we are all so much better when we are running around outside together.
Andrea said...

It sounds like getting back to nature was just what you needed. It's great that the weather is cooperating so you can!

jill said...

you are better than a "good enough mama". YOU ARE AN AWESOME MAMA!! reading your blog plus knowing you proves what an incredible mom you are and how blessed those kids are to have you!(and how lucky adam is to have you as his wife) i only wish i had the time and energy to do all the wonderful things you do with noah and camille. love ya! - jill

holly said...

these are beautiful photographs. I know what you mean about parenting books, I'll just feel the need to improve now and then and skim through a bunch to figure out how to do some things better. you're kids are lucky to have such a good mama though!

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