Olympic Stories

August 4, 2008

I am starting to get excited about the start of the Olympics. I am not a huge sports person so it's not really the competitions that get me excited. It is the stories. I love hearing all of those awe inspiring stories about the athletes that usually make me feel all pumped up, proud to be a human, and yet sometimes also make me feel like an old, lazy, underachiever. It is almost like those Hallmark ads. I get so emotional listening/reading about these athletes who have worked so hard to become the best at their sport. I heard my first "story" tonight about a 15 year old diver (can you imagine being in the Olympics at 15?!) who is scared of heights yet is able to do some of the most challenging dives in the world from the 10 meter board (3 stories up). Amazing.

We saw some other amazing feats this weekend at the Circus. Camille and Noah's first experience at a Ringling Brothers/Barnum Bailey Circus. We went with my cousin and her family and we all had a great time. It was nice because it was a smaller circus (not their typical three ring affair....I am sure it takes a lot of gas to transport a circus, can you imagine their travel expenses?). Before the show started, we were able to meet some of the performers and see some of the warm ups while standing around the ring. I am sure it isn't an easy life in the circus, but it is one that has always fascinated me....especially those families that have a multiple generations in the circus. Pretty inspiring to see what people can do when they have the talent combined with hard work and lots of practice.

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