Day 36

August 11, 2008

We have made it through our first month of deployment. Like most intense alternating moments it feels like time is both flying and crawling by us. We had our first skype session this morning since Adam's arrival in Kuwait. It was so nice to see his face and Camille was so excited she started dancing around the room for him! He was able to "show" us around his new digs. When Adam first arrived in Kuwait, I have to admit I felt a little jealous...his reports of free Baskin Robbins and full laundry service made me wish I was the one getting deployed. But after getting a glimpse of his bunk, the shower curtain he has hung for privacy, hearing reports of power outages (not fun to live in a desert setting without air conditioning), and seeing how exhausted he looked...I am no longer jealous. I think I have been so focused on keeping things together on this end that I haven't really been able to comprehend what he might be experiencing. I am so grateful to have him in a relatively safe place that I just think of his time away as sort of an adult version of "going to camp"...but having a visual this morning I am realizing his "camp" experience isn't really that charming or appealing.

Tonight I am in the midst of getting things ready for Noah's first day of kindergarten. Feels kind of funny to have butterflies in my stomach, but I do. A mixture of excitement, tension, and sadness. Seems strange to be doing this milestone alone and I am sorry Adam won't be here tomorrow to bring Noah to school or hear his report of the first day while eating dinner together. Missing this small event makes me think of all the other deployed parents out there missing some of the most amazing "firsts" in their children lives...first smiles, first steps, first driving tests. I don't always support the actions or decisions of our government but I am always in awe and I always appreciate the sacrifices our soldiers make...sacrificing their safety, but also sacrificing some of those "firsts" that happen while they are gone. When I think about it that way, there will never be enough free ice cream to make up for missing those extraordinary moments.
Kellie said...

It will be a treasure to your family in later years to have these poignant thoughts recorded so beautifully, Lucia. This is part of your story and I admire you for actually living each day as fully as you can. I hope Noah's first day is awesome in every way!

Betsey said...

Hope Noah's day is wonderful! Your ice cream analogy is the best.

Corinne said...

Oh man, I'm getting nervous about Xavey starting kindergarten too! I feel like literally just YESTERDAY Sheely started kindergarten and now she is off to third grade!! I love that you are taking the time to record your thoughts about it - you'll love reading them when he's older :)

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