Day 50

August 23, 2008

50 days into this deployment and things continue to be an adventure. We are waiting to hear how Tropical Storm Fay treated our house. We have amazing neighbors who spent yesterday sandbagging and pumping out water from our back patio...if they hadn't done that our living room and our newly installed wood floors would be sitting in water right now. So this morning I am anxiously waiting to hear from my neighbor and hoping the water didn't get in over night. I alternate between thinking "we are so lucky" (lucky to have such great neighbors) and "it's not fair" (why do crazy things keep happening to us?). So Day 50 could turn into one of great relief that the house is still in good shape or it could turn into a day of distress as I try to figure out how to repair a house three states away.

In contrast to the soggy situation in Florida, Adam seems to be doing well in the desert. He has started playing soccer (on a sand field) and that always makes him happy. We have had multiple Skype phone calls which always amaze me....feels like we are living in the time of the Jetsons! He has also discovered that for $3 a month he can make phone calls to my cell phone using Skype so that has been very nice. His work situation has improved with the arrival of more help. Eases my mind to know he is doing well.

And I think the kids and I are doing pretty well although we are eating too much junk food and I am caving into too many impulsive buys, especially for the kids. I was so determined that we would be living simply and frugally during this deployment, but feels like just the opposite is happening. I know it is a combination of convenience, exhaustion, and desire for "quick fixes" (like maybe this toy will bring about sibling harmony and endless joy!). The good news is the kids are enjoying school and I am also enjoying those windows of time for myself. Hope the next 50 days go by as quickly as the first 50.

holly said...

good to hear from the later post that the sandbags held. hopefully the waters recede soon!

chuckling to myself about the "quick fix toy" purchases. if only it were that easy, right? :) I think you do an amazing job with your hands on craftiness. I've used several of your ideas this summer.

When I've looked something up on your blog my daughter is introduced to your kids and I think she's starting to grasp my abstract world of blogging friends and their kids. Some of them she knows and some of them she doesn't. Definitely fits in with that wild Jetson's like feeling!

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