August 4, 2008

We have a tropical storm off the coast which made today pleasantly breezy so we spent the morning outside blowing bubbles. We experimented with different items from our recycling pile and found some great bubble "wands". Today the pie pan (cut a hole in the center), tin can (remove both ends of the can), plastic cups (cut off the bottom) and six pack drink thingie worked the best. We used store bought "bubble juice" but we have also had success in the past with making our own. Here's our homemade recipe:
2 1/2 1qts water
1/2 cup corn syrup
1 cup liquid dish detergent
Mix water and syrup until blended, then slowly stir in detergent
And at the end of the bubble party just hose everyone and everything off. Super easy summer fun!

holly said...

love these shots. I'll have to try the karo syrup. I've used glycerin before but the "recipe" required 1/4c. of glycerin (half the bottle) and the bottle was $2-3 so it still seemed "expensive" to make the bubbles that way. :) especially when my then almost 2yo boy got a kick out of dumping water/bubbles out rather than playing in it!!

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