Jesus Was Bad Today

August 12, 2008

I am happy to report that Noah has joyfully leaped into the labyrinth of formal education and his first two days of kindergarten have been good ones. He is quickly making friends. He is especially excited to have a new best friend who sits next to him every day. He doesn't know his best friend's name yet because as he told me "I just ask if he wants to play. I haven't asked him his name yet"...if only all relationships were that easy!

He does know the name of one of his other new classmates. A boy by the name of Jesus which has resulted in some very interesting discussions. "Jesus" has been a popular topic of conversation since our recent move to Louisiana. Being in a predominantly Catholic area, many yards have religious statues. Even the public library has a large grotto dedicated to Mary. This is where our recent religious conversations first started:

"Mama, what's in that cave? And who is that girl?"
"That's Mary, Jesus' mother".
"Who's Jesus?"
(keep in mind this is a little guy who has grown up in a Jewish home, attended synagogue, and Jewish pre-school)
"Jesus was a very wise and kind man. He was a very important teacher"
"Oh you mean he was a good swim teacher?"
"Well, yes, I guess he did teach a lot of people how to "swim"

So now fast forward to Noah's first day of school(did I mention it was an Episcopal school?) and his introduction to his new classmate, Jesus (same pronunciation as the famous guy!). Noah came home wanting to know if his class mate was the "swim teacher guy?". And today he climbed in the van and announced "Jesus was so bad at school today! He was on red (class behavior chart) all day." I can only imagine what the next few months will bring as Noah adjusts to being one of the only Jewish students in a Christian school with his new friend, Jesus (who by the way is Buddhist).

Jessica said...

Awesome. :)

Mom said...

Sounds like it will be more than just interesting......sounds like you are in for a challenge! I can't wait to hear more of his questions, and your answers. So glad that he is happy in his new surroundings. Can't wait to hear how Camille does tomorrow.

Tisra said...

You've got to know, after reading my blog a bit, that I'm a swim-instructor-follower. ;-)

Jesus drew attention to the faith that children have, and how insightful they can be (emphasizing how we adults can learn from that). I'm sure that, in spite of (because of!) Noah's youth, you will have MANY amazingly deep conversations to look forward to. Especially with a serious conversation starter like "Jesus was bad today!". Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. How fun this age is and the questions they ask, so sincerely. You will have enough to write a book, I suspect. I can see you as the next Erma Bombeck. Think about're a natural.


Betsey said...

This is brilliant. Great way to start my day.

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog often and I have to say that this was quite the funny post. I even had to forward it on for my dh to read. Children are so insightful. You have such a way with words.

Thinking of you often,

adopted Anna - Cathwel 2005

The Solley Five said...

reading your blog is like my lemonade. it's so fun and refreshing to sit down with. it's comforting and wonderful and i just think you're awesome!

holly said...

hee hee. I knew another little Jesus in Maryland, but he was Latino and was pronounced Hey-SOOS. It made it a little less confusing when discusses in conversations. :)

Sarah said...

I'm laughing out loud!

Kellie said...

Religious diversity at its absolute best and most pure and innocent. Would that the world could be so objective and straightforward and not let the words get in the way.

meredith said...

Just read this aloud to Joe and laughed and laughed.

Reminds me of when our dog-sitter was named Jesus. Joe loved when people asked about our dog so that he could tell them that Maltsby was with Jesus.

Cuter on a kid! Less cute on a husband.

Heather said...

That post title takes the gold. :)

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