August 8, 2008

Two recent searches have left me scratching my head. The first happened a few weeks ago. Silly me I thought I would pick up a couple seed packets. Both stores informed me that the seeds were already moved out for the season because the garden center needed to prepare for the incoming Christmas stock....July in Louisiana? Christmas? The growing season is long in Louisiana but obviously Christmas items are more profitable and shoppers need to get their Christmas shopping started in the summer.

The second search has been equally frustrating. Raincoats. Both kids need new raincoats. They are outgrowing their current ones and it is on their school lists as something to be kept in their backpacks at all times. Once again I hit several stores only to find out they are a "seasonal" item. How can this be? It rains in Louisiana all year long. Children grow and need new raincoats all year long.

Turns out money not only makes the world go round. It also defines the seasons.
Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Yeah, it's crazy. I wanted to buy some kids rainboots and coat for a secret buddy present in March, and was told they didn't have them anymore. Doesn't the saying go "April Showers bring May flowers"? Sheesh. I ended up getting them off of e-bay. And now here I am, in the middle of August and I find myself needing a new swimsuit. Do you think the stores have even one? Nooooo.....I'm going to have to order it online from a catolog. But I CAN get a lovely, long sleeved cardigan. It's 95 degrees here right now. It makes no sense.

Jessica said...

I had the same problem with raincoats. Seems like something you should be able to get any day of the year in the Northwest, but no. I always did love the summer clearance of all summer clothes, in the middle of summer, in Texas, when I needed them most. ;) Of course if you missed that window of time, forget buying new shorts. Sweaters (in TX?), sure, no shorts. Stores can be so stupid.

Anonymous said...

It is a strange world. Christmas in July, who needs that? I need raincoats for orphanage donations, but alas, none to be found. Of course, in drought stricken Georgia, maybe they don't sell too many of them. So the orphanage is getting baby bottles instead.

Try online or at Sears. Landsend carries rain gear. Didn't find it at our sears in the Landsend section but maybe at yours. You can always order from the store and they'll ship it free to your home.


Andrea said...

There are several onlines stores that came up by going to Yahoo and just typing childrens raincoats.
Here are some cute ones, though a bit pricey.
Or cheaper options here:

Good Luck!

Mom said...

Need raincoats?? Just tell me sizes and color preferences and I'd be happy to find them here. I saw tons of them in Chicago, so I am guessing I can also find them here.

Karen said...


Betsey said...

Try to shop the seasonal sales. It takes planning ahead, but you get great deals! Landsend, as mentioned earlier, is one of my favorites - check their overstocks for good buys. If it doesn't work out, you can return it to any local Sears and reorder at no extra shipping (just tell them it's a reorder). Raincoats are probably on sale now!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Thank you for all of the good suggestions...I had been hoping to avoid internet shopping since school starts this week and luckily the school anticipated this issue so they were selling $5 ponchos with the school logo!

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