Wood Storks

January 23, 2009

It's been wood stork week around here. Last Saturday at the playground near the farmer's market we were amazed to see five wood storks amidst the ducks and gulls eating bread crumbs from some of the kids. They looked so exotic and prehistoric with their leathery heads. So strange to see them surrounded by all of the noise and activity of the playground. And yesterday we had another wood stork encounter. It was a new park to us. Lots of oak trees and a little stream next to a small playground area. We had been the only ones there for about an hour when Noah noticed the wood stork behind us. He was walking along the water hunting for food. Noah quietly crept closer to the water and laid down on his belly to observe the bird. Camille and I hung back observing from a distance. I was really wishing I had my camera because the light was beautiful and it was pretty amazing to see Noah so close to such a large bird. After awhile the bird flew away (huge wing span with bands of black on his wings) and Noah ran back to us. He excitedly reported: "I saw him peeing. He didn't pee in a line. His pee was one little drop then another". And that handy field bag that I so proudly posted about a few days ago...it was at home along with my camera....need to keep them in our car or at least by the door. When we got home, Noah made this drawing of the wood stork peeing (how many people can say they have witnessed that?!):
katy said...

I love the field journal and your son's picture. Absolutely wonderful!

Thanks for the tip on the birding website. I will check it out. Just looked through my European bird book and saw a section on identification. have to skim that over.

Your blog is great! I'm going to add it to my reader, thanks for leading me here.

Cami said...

I just love the pee story and illustration. So great.

Betsey said...

I certainly have NOT! What an observant young man. Maybe he will be a scientist? He certainly will be a good student with lots of questions :). Such a great experience shared.

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