Grumpy and Frumpy

January 10, 2009

Wouldn't that be a good t-shirt? or a blog name? That's what I have been feeling lately due to some serious sleep issues in our house. Actually I've been dealing with sleep issues for the past six years (since my pregnancy with our monkey boy). And I am not good about dealing with it. I get so grumpy when I don't get enough sleep. I especially dislike waking up sore in the morning because I have spent the night clinging to the edge of mattress while being kicked, elbowed, and manhandled by two monkeys sleeping sideways in my bed. Things are a little worse than normal as we are dealing with this transition period. And poor Adam....when I tried to talk to Noah about the sleeping situation he told me he had it all figured out: "Mei-Mei and I will sleep with you in your bed and we'll make a little nest on the floor for Daddy when he gets home".

I have been dealing with the sleep stuff long enough to know that things will settle down and we will eventually all be sleeping a little better. I don't need to stock up on books or ask for advice. I know better than to complain around others who are getting sleep or even worse those who aren't because that always leads to a competitive little discussion of who is getting less sleep. So think of this post as the t-shirt I should have been wearing this past week. It goes well with the dark circles under my eyes and the wrinkled pair of jeans I seem to wear over and over because it's just too much trouble to find something else in the morning: "Grumpy and Frumpy".
Laurie said...

Poor thing. If it helps, I bet you don't look nearly as grumpy and frumpy as you feel...but it would be a GREAT t-shirt! :-)

Clan Mac Mama said...

Can I have one of those t-shirts in maternity?
Sending good sleep thoughts your way! Glad you're on the home stretch with Adam and he'll be home soon. We're enjoying our little slice of time before Charles heads off again on the 21st.
Still headed overseas next?

Raina Cox said...

"We'll make a little nest on the floor for Daddy when he gets home" - great line!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the 'nest on the floor' thing might make Adam think he's still deployed. May be a good transition for him. Don't just throw the idea out, Noah might be on to something. I like the 'grumpy and frumpy' tshirt. Might make a lot of money with that one, selling it on cafe press.

Hope it gets better soon.

Heather said...

I can definitely empathize. Hope things settle down for you soon!

Cami said...

Oh, I hear you. I am grumpy and frumpy too. (but no more or less than you.) :) I think the nest business is HIlarious! What a funny kiddie.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the title I thought, "Oh, that fits Kari and I sometimes." Ha!

Sleep is sooooo important. I hope yours comes soon. The nest comment is classic.

Unknown said...

((HUGS)) If you start selling those shirts let me know. You'll make a fortune!

craftymama said...

i love the nest for daddy idea!

one of lee's first sentences was 'daddy sleep couch'

great you're getting out for yoga! in one of asa's books there is a joke dinosaur called an 'oldensaur'- i know the feeling- i need some yoga too.

by the way, i put up a grocery shopping post for you this morning!

and your book is ready to send...

holly b said...

I laughed out loud at the nest solution. I'm guessing it stemmed from you using that suggestion as a place for the KIDS to sleep while you enjoy solid sleep in your own bed... at least that's a line we use in our house. "How bout if Mommy makes you a nice little nest on the floor? The bed is so crowded!" hee hee.

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