Alarming Irony

January 30, 2009

Last night was another bad night. At about 1am I was awoken from a disturbing dream about rotting teeth (apparently I am not alone in this) by an alarm. Not the alarm clock, but a loud buzzer which seemed to be coming from the walls of the house. I was so disoriented that at first I thought I was still dreaming until the waves of panic and adrenaline quickly made me bolt up with fear. Once that happened, I was overwhelmed by my racing heart and all sorts of crazy thoughts of horrible intruders. I couldn't find the phone and once I did none of the lights were illuminated and I was too scared to turn on any lights. The alarm stopped after just a few sharp buzzes and things were quiet again. I checked the control panel on the house alarm and everything seemed to be fine. No signs of break in, all doors/window still locked, no trouble light blinking on the panel. But just as I climbed back into bed and started to calm my racing heart, the alarm sounded again and I dialed the alarm company number. That poor woman on the other end. She was so calm and I could barely get a word out of my mouth. Eventually she calmed me down, stayed on the line with me as I walked through the house again, and she suggested checking the smoke detector batteries. That seemed to be the issue. The one in the hallway next to the kids' bedroom had a red beeping light. After figuring out the problem, I climbed back into bed but I just couldn't sleep. I pretty much tossed and turned until morning. Waking every half hour or so.

But here's the two children who have not slept for a complete night in their beds since we have returned home; my two children who were sleeping just a couple of feet away from a very loud alarm sound; my two children who have been waking me up every couple of hours each night for various bunny hunts, bathroom trips, and snuggling. Those two children slept through the entire night! in their beds until this morning! clueless about the craziness of the night before! I guess the house was just too quiet for them before? I don't know. But I do know that I am headed to bed right now and I am really, really hoping for a good night's sleep.
Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. Sounds like every mom's nightmare when they are at home alone with the kids. Soon VERY SOON, you'll have your helpmate home with you.

Isn't it amazing they can sleep through that? But let you get up to go to the bathroom and a floor board make a noise, and they're up.

Hope you are sleeping well now.


Jenny said...

A similar thing happened to me when Will was about 6 months old and David was down in Seattle on call. Will slept through the whole night while I was up trying to figure out which one of our 8 smoke detectors needed a new battery (they all link together so if one is bad, they all beep!). Sounds horrible. Hope you sleep better tonight!

Mom said...

What a nightmare! Thank goodness that the kids didn't wake up.....can you imagine the chaos of 2 crying children added to your own fear? It is amazing what they CAN sleep through. Hope you had a better night last night!

Betsey said...

Oh! This is so terrible - and funny at the same time. I'm sorry. ;)

Dawn said...

Of course tonight they are going to be up all night! Hope not for your sake!
Our landlord took our deranged smoke detector to try to find a match... it went off in his truck at 5:30 am while he was driving down the road! He believed me after that!
Wishing you some shut eye!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

thanks for all the wishes for sleep...I finally did get a decent night's sleep!

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