Paperbag Valentines

January 30, 2009

We collected a bunch of random scraps and art supplies (inspired by MayaMade). Cut out paper bag hearts. Everyone decorated their heart with the material of their choosing. I added a thin layer of poly-fil/quilt batting, and stitched them up on the sewing machine. This was our first batch. We'll keep working on them and see how they evolve!

Camille's made with yarn and glue
Noah's made from oil pastel

Mine made from fabric scraps. I initially coated the scraps in glue/water paste. I was trying figure out how to make some type of three dimensional fabric heart with scraps, but ended up just sewing the glue dried scraps onto the paper bag. Gives an interesting "crispy" texture. Still want to figure out how to construct something structural with fabric scraps. Any suggestions? ideas?
Mom said...

They are beautiful! I have the quilted hearts you made for me last year hanging in the kitchen.

Dawn said...

These are great! We just got out our heart making supplies... hearts are on the mind today!

bear picnic said...

Hi, I just added your pic to my fav's on flickr. What an easy, fun idea for a valentine decoration! Thank you for the inspiration. I teach Kindergarten and think I'll have the kids make these to give to their families.

katy said...

Those are darling! You'll never see a paper grocery bag in Europe. I've been meaning to tell you that we have some friends who are expats in S. Italy. They are going on 3 years. If you need any guidance, I'm sure they would be glad to help.

craftymama said...

really pretty!

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