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January 21, 2009

I have been a long time follower of the Camp Creek Blog. And now Lori has created a wonderful new spot in the blogworld: In Heywood's Meadow. A place for encouraging all natural exploration. She recently asked "What's in your field bag".

This is what we have in our field bag (backpack):

  • local wildlife books (birds, sea creatures, butterflies, plants) I especially like the laminated fold outs because they are so compact, but small books are also good.
  • sketchbook/nature journal
  • magnifying glass
  • vented box for viewing/collecting
  • hats
  • water bottles
  • bug stuff

Things I want to add/find for our field bag:

  • pair of small, good binoculars (any suggestions?)
  • sunscreen
  • compass
  • net and bucket (for our beach field bag)
  • laminated sea shell/creature trifold like our butterfly one

Looking forward to getting some ideas from others' field bags. Want to join in the fun? Make a trip to Heywood's Meadow.
Karen said...

HAH! Nature?! The closest I get to nature in Naples is the trash heap finds ;)

Maybe one day we will again live somewhere 'green'!

Corinne said...

So funny you should mention that site!!About two weeks ago, I was asked to add a picture of mine on flickr to the Heywood's Meadow group!! I think it's a fantastic idea and I've subscribed to the blog.

Tell me where you found your laminated fold outs? I want to get some for our beach adventures/hikes

Anonymous said...

Don't have a binocular suggestion but Judson loves his compass he got for Christmas. You can find it here:

It's at Chinaberry and it's very nice and well constructed. AND Child friendly


Anonymous said...

i wrote 2 comments here last night but blogger kept giving me error messages .. grrr

love your bag!! :^D)

i definitely want to get more local field guides .. we have one great illinois guide to amphibians and reptiles, and it is so nice to have all the focus on things we actually see all the time.

laminated fold-outs sound great -- anything that makes my bag lighter! we have a couple of laminated sheets but no fold-outs .. mmmm ..

we love our nikon travelite binoculars .. we bought them about a zillion years ago, though. we have a giant old-fashioned pair and a waterproof pair for kayaking/canoeing, and i can never get them to focus properly. i am interested in trying out a monocular, actually. if they still make the nikon ones, though, they are small, light, and very durable -- we're big fans!

we have *so* many of those plastic bug boxes. :^) they hold everything from tadpoles to spiders to caterpillars to baby snakes -- such great temporary homes so we can watch things for a few days and then let them go again. :^)

love seeing what was in your bag -- now i’m curious about what kind of bag you use. :^)

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

I got the laminated tri-folds from a local book store but it looks like Amazon has a variety of them. Thanks for the suggestions for compass and binoculars...sound like perfect birthday gifts for someone who is turning six very soon.

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