Good Fortune

January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year! We celebrated the day by making banners for our front door. Using these guidelines we each took a turn writing "Good Fortune". Noah has been really fired up about learning to write in English so this project was especially exciting for him.Over the weekend we had an early Chinese New Year's Dinner (actually it was a feast!) with our Taiwanese friends. It was truly one of the best nights with amazing food, lots of laughter, crazy kids, red envelopes of money ($8 since that is a lucky number), and some wild Wii playing. I hope it is an indicator of what this year will bring for us. The next few weeks are full of holidays that have significance to our family. This time of year always feels like the most important for our little family of four...Chinese New Year, Tu B'Shevat, Valentine's Day (also our family day), Mardi is a big celebration of who we are as a family with our Jewish/Taiwanese/Cajun/American roots. I always have big plans for ways to make each of the holidays special and unique. I never really get it all together and each year I unpack decorations that I meant to hang the previous year or find notes about crafts/recipes to try, etc. But this past weekend with our friends was a good reminder that the real focus should just be on enjoying our time together and realizing how fortunate we are.

Wishing you all the best in the year of the Ox! said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Thanks SO much for all the wonderful projects and information you shared about this holiday. I learned a lot and was so inspired! It's nice to have such an optimistic holiday fall on such a shaky day. Here's hoping the New Year brings luck to everyone who needs it!

Tisra said...

Happy New Year!!! I am so glad that your hubby will be home soon and there will be new adventures for your family to have!

waiting to bring home our daughter from INDIA

Corinne said...

Super fun! That IS a lot of holidays at the same time of year. How neat for you all - I want to do the banner next year :)

morninglight mama said...

Happy New Year!!

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