Bunny Hunting

January 24, 2009

Can microchips be placed in stuffed animals? This is the question that came to me at 3 am this morning as I was wakened once again to search for a lost Mama Bunny. Luckily Mama Bunny has a rattle inside her head so she is easier to locate than Baby Bunny, but still it's not a fun task in the pitch dark with a hysterical three year old, a sleep deprived mama, and grumpy brother who kept voicing my thoughts "let me go back to sleep!". Mama Bunny was located between the bed and the wall, but it took us all awhile to get settled again. I have jokingly wondered about placing microchips in children, but I am seriously considering options for those pesky bunnies....if the chips won't work perhaps glow in the dark tags or attaching them to Mei-Mei with heavy duty velcro? duct tape? A few days ago she called me "Mama Grumpy Pants" and I had to laugh because it's sadly true. All of these nightly searches and bed hopping have left me pretty out of sorts.
Jessica said...

IF there is a way, I need one for Monkey too! I'm starting to think Hunter is completely BLIND since he will throw a hysterical fit about "where's Monkey???" when Monkey is like two feet away. UGH!

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