For The Birds

January 27, 2009

After seeing the lanterns I hung up around the house in honor of Chinese New Year, Noah asked if we could hang some outside for the birds....brilliant idea! So we made our own lanterns and some bird treats. We started with the standard pine cone/peanut butter/ birdseed. But it was fun to see how the kids extended the idea to twigs and gum balls. Visit The Crafty Crow for more ideas on feeding the birds (I love the heart shaped popcorn). Happy New Year to our feathered and furry friends. I have a feeling the squirrels are going to be very happy!
Colleen Lagarde said...

Is that your backyard? It is beautiful! I haven't had a backyard so full of trees since before military days. If it is your home, it isn't on base is it?

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

It is our backyard and it's my favorite thing about this house (and you're right we aren't on base). I will really miss it when we move this summer. How is your move going? Hug all of those boys for me!

Cassi said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the mention :)

craftymama said...

wow! that garden... while i love snow (and we got 8" today) the thought of going outside in shirtsleeves is really appealing right now. it takes about 20 minutes to get everyone 'suited up' !

Dawn said...

Love the lanterns in the tree! Agree about the yard and all of the green... Wonderful!
Missin' that about California right now!

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