From the backyard

January 18, 2009

Put together this little arrangement the night before a freeze warning....broccoli flower, parsley, fern, and pentas. I love being able to use things from our yard to brighten up the house. Fresh herbs are always nice to use. Parsley, dill, and rosemary are my favorites because of their scents, bright colors, and interesting textures in arrangements.

Lady K said...

I am so jealous that you have lush green things in your backyard!
We have a piles and piles of snow. I am hoping for an early spring here in Toronto. Sigh.
BTW my word verification is in fresh flowers and produce on your table ; )

lisa said...

You know, if it weren't for the fact that your husband is coming home and your kids are in school....I think I'd buy *you* (and kids) tickets over here. You always find something fun and creative to do. I think time would pass quickly hanging out with you. :)

(in response to your comment, I did think of doing just that but I cant think of anyone who isn't in school, working or doesn't have a passport....dangit!)

Darla said...

Beautiful! Good for you. Enjoy

craftymama said...

gorgeous photo(s)- i especially love the little hands holding lettuce in the air!

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