Snot Corn

October 29, 2007

So after being inspired by this weekend's ode to candy corn, I felt inspired to celebrate National Candy Corn Day (Oct.30th). I put a lovely little bowl of my favorite Halloween treats on the dining room table. Pleased with myself because the monkeys rarely go in that room and they wouldn't think to look in such an obvious spot for treats, right? Wrong. Camille (who will be trick or treating as the snot monster thanks to a cold) discovered those little sugar nuggets and managed to claim them all to herself by rubbing two hands full of snot over the whole bowl. Candy corn glistening with snot is not appetizing.

Hopefully you will be able to enjoy a snot-free version of candy corn. And while absorbing that sugar think about what I read on the Brach's Candy Corn Bag: "Each year American's consume enough Candy Corn that if laid end to end, would circle the earth 4.25 times!" That's a lot of Candy Corn. Funny how certain candies have become associated with different holidays...Candy Corn at Halloween, Candy Canes at Christmas, and Peeps at Easter. I am a traditionalist on this topic because I am not a fan of the commercial cross-pollination. Peeps pumpkins just seem wrong and pastel colored candy corn certainly can't taste as good as the original. And snot covered candy corn is never in season. Happy National Candy Corn Day to all of you!
Jessica said...

Loved the post and the "Ode". ;) I like candy corn (Halloween ONLY), but even better are the pumpkins made of that same sugar goo. YUMMMM. Sadly, I haven't gotten my mitts on any candy pumpkins yet. Eek, I'd better hurry, they only come once a year!

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