October 13, 2007

Not only did I get lucky to have such a wonderful mother-in-law, but my kids are lucky to have the most amazing Nana on the planet. A big thank you to "Nana" for making my trip to Louisiana possible, for the peace of mind in knowing they were in good hands, and filling their days with all sorts of wonderful things like cupcakes, games, songs, and new toys. They are still talking about all of the fun they had with Nana and Camille has spent the past couple of days searching for Nana around the house. Thank You!
Mom said...

The pleasure was all mine! It was wonderful to be able to spend concentrated time with Noah and Camille. Working with Noah to construct tinkertoy skyscrapers and trying to answer his endless questions really kept me on my toes. His mind is amazing and I am wondering how soon the day will come when I am the one asking him the questions and he is the one providing the answers! Playing house and dolls with Camille and having her hold my cheeks in her chubby little hands and say "I love you Nana", just melted my heart. Seeing both of them march into school happily confident of the day ahead is a testiment to you and are both doing such an amazing job with them. It makes me proud to be a parent and grandparent and makes me feel incredibly fortunate.
I can't wait to see you all again for Thanksgiving!
Love, Mom

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