Louisiana Bumper

October 8, 2007

I am back in Cajun country helping my mom get ready for her exhibit. Saw this bumper sticker yesterday and couldn't resist capturing it. Hunting is a big part of the Cajun culture but I didn't realize it was now being used as a juvenile delinquency program...hmm, kids and guns = less crime, who knew? I think we will just stick with soccer for right now.

Seeing the bumper sticker also reminded me of a magazine I found while searching on-line for some southern garden books. Somehow gardens and guns just don't go hand in hand for me. According to Garden and Gun magazine, I must not really be a 21st century Southern American, are you? http://gardenandgun.com/live/
Ann said...

Ohhh, maybe I am. Jon already has camp set up for hunting season.

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