Forsyth Park

October 22, 2007

This is what every public park should be like! Large open spaces, paths through gardens, big oak trees, fountains, picnics, families, artists, art, playgrounds, live music, people of all ages having fun. Just a short walk from where we were staying, we had to make several trips to the park because none of us could get enough of it!
These huge paintings were on display throughout the park. We didn't know about them until our arrival but after getting home I found this article. Camille loved going on the slides and trying to keep up with the big kids. Noah perfected his monkey bar skills. I enjoyed the people watching and Adam got to throw the frisbee around. Two perfect afternoons spent at Forsyth Park.

plumm said...

Yes...there are few better things than a day spent at a very good park.
Those Paintings look incredible.
We have a park here in Sacramento (William Land Park) that is pretty amazing with a zoo, a little kids fun park called Fairy Tale Town, and a huge landscaped central area. We have spent many an afternoon there. And, if we get bored, we only live 90 minutes from Golden Gate Park in San Francisco...which is legendary(for good reason).

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